Amazon Renaming Seattle NHL Stadium 'Climate Pledge Arena' as It Aims for Sustainability


Amazon has secured the naming rights to the NHL Seattle arena.

The KeyArena, which will house a new NHL team and the Women’s National Basketball Association, will officially be called “Climate Pledge Arena.”

Through the deal, the area is set to become the first carbon-neutral venue powered by 100% renewable electricity.

The plan builds on the $2 billion dollar initiative launched by CEO Jeff Bezos, which aims to invest in clean energy, sustainability, and carbon neutrality.

Amazon’s ambitious plan was first unveiled by Bezos last September when he announced hopes to achieve zero net carbon by 2040 -- a decade ahead of the 2050 goals set by the Paris climate agreement.

The 18,100-seat arena will generate zero waste from operations and events.

According to CNBC, it will even use reclaimed rainwater to create the ice surface for games making it the “the greenest ice in the NHL.”

Amazon won’t have its name on the arena when it opens in the 2020-2021 season. “Instead of naming it after Amazon, we’re calling it Climate Pledge Arena as a regular reminder of the importance of fighting climate change,” Bezos said in a statement.

The deal is a partnership between Amazon, NHL Seattle, and arena developer Oak View. The upgrades required for carbon neutral status have reached $1 billion so far.

The arena is slated to reopen next summer.

Amazon wants to establish itself as a frontrunner in the fight against climate change and has announced a series of green initiatives. Bezos even donated $10 billion toward a self-named fund that to give grants to “scientists, activists, and NGOs” fighting climate change.

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