Carton and Roberts: Is Julius Randle pushing for Knicks to trade him?


Carton made it clear during Tuesday’s show that he hasn’t been able to confirm the rumors he has heard, but Julius Randle may be voicing to the Knicks that he wants out.

It would be a hard rumor to dispute after Monday night’s win, when Randle threw the ball behind his back and left the court on his own while his teammates celebrated what was its fourth straight win.

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Randle also had multiple instances on the defensive end where he appeared to be giving minimal effort, a recurring problem so far this season. The New York Post also gave more legs to the rumor shortly after Craig and Evan discussed it, reporting that some around the NBA believe Randle could be going the James Harden avenue, showing a decreased drive on the court while silently pushing to be traded, like Harden did with the Nets earlier this season.

“Unconfirmed at this point. I want to be very clear about that,” Craig said. “But after last night’s Knicks win…he has told the powers that be that he’s done. He wants out.

“I don’t want to say that it’s legit or confirmed, but it’s got some legs right now that the tem saw him walk off the court as if they had lost, went to him after the game, and he has expressed to people in the know over there that he is done as a Knick.”

The Post also reported that the Knicks could be looking to trade Randle in a package for a center if they aren’t able to retain Mitchell Robinson this offseason. Robinson is having the best season of his career, while Randle has taken a swift and drastic fall from grace after being the team’s hero and leader last season.

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