Stephen A. Smith and Ms. Pat tackle trauma and comedy on 'Know Mercy': Listen now

'You can’t change the past, why dwell on things you cannot change'
Ms. Pat
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On a brand new episode of Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith, standup comedienne Ms. Pat joins Stephen A. to discuss her journey from sexual abuse survivor and drug dealer to the star of her own Emmy-nominated show.

LISTEN NOW: Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith — Comedy and Trauma w/ Ms. Pat

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“I’m from the streets I’ve always been a hustler, so if I put my mind to something I don’t stop til I get what I want.” Ms. Pat said.

A former drug dealer and gunshot and sexual abuse survivor, Ms. Pat has lived a harrowed life. But despite all of her past trauma, she’s persevered and learned to channel her drive and use her comedic prowess to become the successful women she is today.

“I always tell people you can’t change the past, why dwell on things you cannot change. Y’know when you can take what caused you pain in your life and turn it into laughter, then that means you winning.”

“I mean I’m smiling everyday,” she continued, “I could be someone depressed, on drugs, feeling sorry for myself, but that’s not gonna heal me. I can’t get back what they took from me. So I just decided to smile and create a life that I’m one day happy, and I’m happy.”

To hear it all, check out the episode above.

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