Sean Paul on how the 'Get Busy' rapper stays busy, and the one collab he wish he had

'I miss the sound that we didn’t do, y’know?'
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Sean Paul is still getting busy making music and more, and he checked in with Audacy’s Big Regg and DJ Buck to chat all about.

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When Sean Paul first started out, just wanting to make music, he never imagined “the amount of longevity” and “amount of fans,” he’d have. “The streaming and listenership and just the fanbase it’s amazing to me,” the Jamaican artist shared.

With plenty of solo hits, Sean is also known for making bangers with some top- tier artists, including Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Keyshia Cole and more. But there’s one that’s still on his list, and that’s Alicia Keys. “I miss the sound that we didn’t do, y’know?… I think me and her could make a wicked reggae or dancehall banger.”

“And also this is the age of AI,” Sean added, “so I could reach for many different artists, in terms of who are no longer here, the greats…” Naming Frank Sinatra as one of them.

Sean went on to talk about an artist that is no longer with us that he did get to work with, DMX. Noting that while he didn’t have much interaction with him, “I had great amounts of respect for him,” Paul went on to recall everything that went down the night before his studio session with the Ruff Ryders rapper was supposed to go down and clarified that those “not speaking” or “beef” rumors back in 2009 started from a misunderstanding. "He's truly missed in the Hip-Hop genre," he added.

Paul also talked about linking back up with Busta Rhymes, “after about ten years of not really seeing each other,” and shared more about his old school ways of starting off his tracks. Once his “boy Suku from Ward 21” takes it and does his magic, it turns into those undeniable Sean Paul tracks we know and love.

To catch the whole conversation press play on the interview above.

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