Watch our Audacy Check In with Normani

'I’m putting out music that whole-heartedly represents me and the type of music that moves my spirit'

Two long awaited years after giving us “Motivation,” Normani is back, better than ever, and checking in with Audacy’s Bru to talk all about it.

The past year has been challenging for all of us, and just like you, Normani had tried to find ways to pass the time creatively, and positively, with mixed results. “Honestly, I tried to become a manicurist, a nail technician,” Normani tells Bru. “Nope, tried to give myself a gel set… it just didn’t end up going too well. This is my art, this is what I could do,” Normani says about her music, “but I cannot draw, I can actually paint… I can fill in the spaces.”

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While learning something like the guitar, as Bru tried to do, is more of a