Riggs & Alley have your chance to win Summerfest UScellular Power Passes!


Listen for a Free Ticket Friday with Riggs & Alley on Friday, December 3rd for your chance to win a pair of Summerfest UScellular Power Passes! Experience all 9 days of live music, summer fun, local vendors, and more at Summerfest 2022!

Summerfest will be happening June 23-June 25, June 30-July 2 and July 7-9, 2022.

This week only, get a Summerfest USCellular™ Power Pass for $90. Experience all 9 days of live music, summer fun, local vendors, and more at Summerfest 2022 for just $10 a day. Don’t miss the best sale of the season on the UScellular Power Pass!

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Contest Dates:

December 3, 2021 at 5:00am CT through December 3, 2021 at 10:00am CT

For the On-Air: Free Ticket Friday Riggs & Alley Summerfest UScellular Power Pass contest, enter by listening to Riggs & Alley between the hours of 5am to 10am on Friday, December 3rd, 2021 and then calling (414)-799-1037 when you hear the cue to call. If you are chosen as the correct caller at the designated time, and upon verification, winner will then receive two (2) Summerfest UScellular Power Passes good for all 9 days of Summerfest on June 23-25, June 30-July 2 and July 7-9, 2022, valued at an estimated $180. Maximum of three (3) winners in all for this on-air contest. Winners name, email and phone will be sent to Summerfest and they will send prize direct to the winner. The winner and any guest(s) must comply with any and all COVID-19 vaccination, screening, testing, safety and related requirements imposed or required by (if applicable) the Station, the venue, event promoter, sponsors, travel providers, hotels, governmental authorities or others in connection with the receipt, use and redemption of the prize. These restrictions are not subject to negotiation. Refusal to comply with the applicable COVID-19 requirements will result in forfeiture of the prize and no replacement or alternate prize be provided. All cancellations are deemed beyond the control of the Station and its sponsors. This includes, but is not limited to, event cancellations due to any pandemic or epidemic constituting a public health emergency, including those subject to government mandated quarantines, travel restrictions, or stay-at-home orders.  The station and sponsors are not responsible for replacing or reimbursing any Winner with any form of compensation for events that are cancelled, nor will any alternate prize be provided. Redeeming and/or using the prize(s) in this contest requires for the winner(s) to have a valid email address. Redeeming and using the prize(s) in this contest requires for the winner(s) (i) to have a valid email address and an app-enabled mobile device capable of downloading and running a third-party mobile ticketing app (e.g., Ticketmaster, AXS, MLB, etc.); (ii) to install, or have already installed, such mobile ticketing app on their app-enabled mobile device; and (iii) to login into an existing user account or to sign up for a free user account with the third-party operating such mobile ticketing app by completing a form with all required information, including at a minimum first name, last name, and valid email address. THE PRIZE(S) IN THIS CONTEST CANNOT BE REDEEMED OR USED BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN THE DESIGNATED THIRD-PARTY MOBILE TICKETING APP FOR THIS PRIZE. INDIVIDUALS WHO DO NOT HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, ACCESS TO AN APP-ENABLED MOBILE DEVICE AND/OR DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE FOREGOING REQUIREMENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REDEEM OR USE THE PRIZE(S) IN THIS CONTEST SHOULD THEY BE SELECTED AND VERIFIED AS A WINNER, WILL NOT RECEIVE A SUBSTITUTE PRIZE, AND SHOULD NOT ENTER THIS CONTEST. Otherwise, the WXSS general contest rules apply & are available by clicking HERE.