LaTocha Scott addresses Xscape drama: 'We never sit down and talk about things'

Plus what's next for the singer
LaTocha Scott
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Ready to set the record straight and debunk all the false narratives, Xscape’s LaTocha Scott stopped by The Big Tigger Morning Show to drop some tea on what is going on behind closed doors with the music group, their new TV series, and more.

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For years now, LaTocha has been painted as the villain of the group and with recent controversy coming out between her and group member Kandi Burruss, Now she wants to shed light on some situations that she thought were “very odd.”

Back in the day, LaTocha expressed interest in doing a solo project, she explained that Kandi originally advised her not to do it but shortly after, Kandi struck a deal and released her debut solo album Hey Kandi in 2000.

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“In the beginning I’ve always said I wanted to do something, she came and was like ‘oh no you shouldn’t be able to do that, like you’re gonna leave and you’re not gonna come back’ then she gets the record deal,” she revealed.

But when LaTocha tried to release her project under So So Def, it was shelved, which ultimately made her suspicious as she knew at the time that Kandi and Jermaine Dupri were romantically involved with each other. “At the time she and Jermaine had a very great relationship because they were partners… they was getting it in, they were a couple,” she shared.

“I felt like, what is happening here? I’ve talked about it and you were upset about it but now you’re doing it,” she added.

The group's discourse has been more public as of recently with their appearance at last year’s BET Soul Train Awards and their newest television show, SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.

You may have seen the group’s photos from the red carpet at the award show where it was clear that everyone was on one accord except for LaTocha. While Kandi, Tiny and Tamika wore variations of sparkles, sheer and silver, LaTocha had on a solid and vibrant green gown with gold accents.

LaTocha shared that like many other things, she didn’t get the memo about attire. She explained that her stylists reached out to Xscape’s stylist multiple times and were not getting direct and clear answers. She even talked about the night before the show when she had reached out to Tiny. “Nobody knew what it was, this was the night before” she explained.

And this situation served as a prime example of what she feels like the group is lacking, their efforts in communicating with one another. “We never sit down and talk about things,” she said. When asked what she would change or fix about the group she responded with, ”if we actually sat down and said what was on our minds, that we really spoke from our hearts – we never did that.”

However, she hopes that her and her group mates can move forward and focus on putting their fans first and eliminating the egos.

LaTocha has a new gospel album coming out April 7, titled The Invitation: A Conversation With God and she just released her vegan cookbook, LaTocha’s Planted Lifestyle. Here more about both and her relationship with Xscape above.

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