Morray dishes on 'm y . l i f e' and what it was like working with J. Cole for 'The Off-Season'

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Fayetteville native, Morray is building quite the rep for himself. His album, Street Sermons is making its way through people's rotations and he has one of the coveted features on J. Cole's highly-anticipated album, The Off-Season.

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Morray spoke with Audacy and V-103's own Kenny Burns to discuss his sound, upbringing, family and of course, the feature. The 28-year-old father is a blend of R&B, Hip Hop and Gospel, easily. Raised on the vocal stylings of Usher, Kelly Price and Karen Clark-Sheard, his entire vibe is based on those iconic riffs and runs. "The '90s had great vocal ranges, great harmonies— the '90s had it all, no bulls***," he explained.

Not only is he "anointed" externally, but internally as well. The former nightwalker expressed his love for God through testimony. Morray revealed, "I loved the fact that I got my experiences from the street, but I love the fact more that God pulled me out of it. I will always give him credit where credit is due. That's my guy!"

Morray was working at a call center last July and was discovered after someone found a video of him performing. Fast forward to now and he's featured on J. Cole's "m y . l i f e ," alongside 21 Savage. Morray reflected on the call that changed everything. "No cap, it was crazy. He was like 'yo I got a record I want you to get on. Tryna see if you f*** with it' and in my mind, I'm like 'I know ain't just ask me if I'm tryna f*** with it.' What Imma say no?! I would've drove during the on-season to get on Off-Season."

"He's such a genuine, good dude. He's so love [...] I'm on a call with 21 Savage and J. Cole. F*** is you talmbout?!," he continued. Morray went on to discuss his plans to get a vocal coach and really expand his range vocally. "I'm starting to learn that you have to take care of your voice [...] I wanna see what I can actually do. I'm only gonna be in this game as long as I keep improving."

Keep an eye out for a potential Morray remix of The Clark Sisters' "You Brought The Sunshine" and check out the passionate interview above where Morray tapped into his spirituality, his purpose and what his wife means to him.

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