Taylor Swift to release 'Red (Taylor's Version)' in November

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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift revealed today her next album to be re-released is, Red. 

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Red (Taylor’s Version), arriving November 19, will be the second re-release of six that Taylor has planned in an effort to regain artistic control of her music. The first re-record, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) was released in April and included 27 tracks, with six of them being brand-new songs she released from her song vault.

Taylor’s announcement came as a surprise to her fiercely loyal fans, who believed they had cracked the code on what album was coming next — 1989. Fans left no stone unturned as they worked to piece together clues and uncover hints through Taylor’s words and actions.

Swift took to social media with a lengthy post to reveal the news, where she reflected on the emotions she had while originally writing and recording the album and the ways it helped her heal.

“I’ve always said that the world is a different place for the heartbroken. It moves on a different axis, at a different speed…” she wrote. “In the land of heartbreak, moments of strength, independence, and devil-may-care rebellion are intricately woven together with grief, paralyzing vulnerability and hopelessness. Imagining your future might always take you on a detour back to the past. And this is all to say, that the next album I’ll be releasing is my version of Red.”