Bebe Rexha takes us inside her 'Kids Choice' slime moment

'They had a shower there, so they just throw you in a shower and throw soap on you'
Bebe Rexha
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Backstage during Audacy’s Leading Ladies concert, which also happened to be International Women’s Day, Salt had a chance to talk to Bebe Rexha who shared who the most influential women in her life are, as well as some stories about her experience getting slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards.

LISTEN NOW: Bebe Rexha takes us inside her 'Kids Choice' slime moment

When it comes to women that inspire her, Bebe had two ladies in mind: First — “My mom for sure, my mom had me when she was 17, super young, essentially like a child, and I kind of grew up with her, and we learned so much together. She is the reason I am doing music today because she helped open a lot of doors and even in situations when I couldn’t afford the studio, she would pay the money off…”

“And second I would say is my grandmother,” Bebe noted, who also had “kind of a crazy life, coming from Albania and having 8 kids, and losing kids,” calling her “such a strong lady,” and “so resilient” which is something that “really inspires” her.

As for Bebe's dream collab with another female artist, without hesitation, her answer was “Dolly Parton or Stevie Nicks.”

Veering off to a completing different topic, Salt had to know from Bebe what it was like being slimed at Kids' Choice Awards that went down just the previous weekend.

First things first, Bebe revealed, “it tastes disgusting,” and as for the clean-up afterward, “they had a shower there, so they just throw you in a shower and throw soap on you.”

Despite the bad taste, being slimed is something Bebe has always wanted, so she admittedly “loved it” and “had a great time.” And despite knowing the sliming will be going down “it’s still like a surprise.”

Bebe Rexha
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To hear the rest of their conversation, press play on the interview above. Plus check out Bebe's chat with Audacy's Karen Carson below.

WATCH NOW: Bebe Rexha backstage at Leading Ladies with Karen Carson


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