2020 American Music Awards: Nelly previews his celebration of 'Country Grammar'

Expect a performance that'll throwback to the first time you heard 'Country Grammar'

If you’re going to take a ride with Nelly at the AMAs tonight, be prepared for a throwback that’ll make it feel like you’re hearing “Country Grammar” for the very first time.

Nelly is one of the many performers at the 2020 American Music Awards and is ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut record Country Grammar. “Twenty years of celebrating a musical project is beyond belief,” Nelly said.

“Hopefully we can give ‘em exactly what they were feeling at the time whenever they first went out and supported the record,” Nelly said of his AMAs performance. “We’re just going to have fun with it. Again, it’s a celebration of allowing Nelly to be twenty years and to be here doing what he’s doing.”

In other words, prepare for a party.