Bad driver! Bill would prohibit pets from riding in driver's lap

dog in driver's side window
Dog riding in driver's seat Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) – Advancing Illinois legislation would make driving with a dog or cruising with a cat a crime -- if the animal is sitting the driver’s lap.

The synopsis of House Bill 2910 reads, in part: “… a person shall not hold an animal in the person's lap while operating a motor vehicle. Provides that a person who holds an animal in the person's lap while operating a motor vehicle is guilty of a petty offense and is subject to a fine of $50.”

The legislation would not allow police officers to search a motor vehicle solely because of the violation involving the animal.

Sponsoring Rep. Jawaharial Williams, D-Chicago, has said pets can cause distractions that lead to accidents, which is borne out by safety statistics.

The measure has passed committee and now goes to the full House for consideration.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images