Fans brawl down staircase during Padres-Giants game at Petco Park


Out of control fans have struck again, this time at Petco Park during Monday’s game between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants.

The latest viral fan brawl video shows two fans in Padres jerseys tangling with another fan in a blue T-shirt down a staircase in the right-field seats in San Diego.

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It is unclear if the fan in the blue shirt is a fan of the opposing Giants, but he is seen being kicked in the chest at the top of the short staircase by one of the Padres fans. Somehow, he does not fall down but instead grabs the Padres fan by the jersey and pulls him down the stairs while staying upright.

Security and staff come in and try to intervene but some more punches are thrown. It even appears to be a fan who eventually helps hold back one of the brawlers.

Things are going well for the Padres. They just traded for Juan Soto and Josh Hader and are in great position to make a run in the playoffs. Perhaps their fans should try to enjoy what they have going for them instead of engaging in fisticuffs.

Of course, when alcohol is involved and your team is losing, some fans are just not able to behave themselves in a civil manner. It happens far too often at sporting events and does not appear as if it will stop any time soon.