Adele puts her mental health first, saying ‘no’ to ‘situations where I don’t want to do something’

'The minute something comes up that makes you feel uncomfortable you have to like nip it in the bud'
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During her Audacy Check In, Adele spoke candidly about where her mental health is at currently, and how she utilized her first album in six years, 30, to process a spectrum of emotions that came after her divorce.

In order to balance stress and set aside time for her mental health, Adele has leaned on her workout routine. She noted that working out has “definitely changed my life because stress used to rule my life. I work out to really hone all my energy…to make sure it’s not coming out sideways in any way.”

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Adele added, “If I’m ever in a situation where I don’t want to do something, then I just won’t do it anymore. Because the repercussions of that will be my anxiety, a panic attack, or something like that.