Michael Irvin on 105.3 The Fan: Maybe Cowboys 'Should sign Antonio Brown'


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Dallas Cowboys icon Michael Irvin, driven I think in part by laughs and in part by his Cowboys "desperation,'' suggests to Shan Shariff and myself on 105.3 The Fan that Dallas should "go pick up Antonio Brown."

"I'm not gonna lie: Desperation makes you think about a lot of things,'' Irvin told us on the  "Shan & RJ'' show on 105.3 The Fan on Wednesday. "We ain't got no time to sit up riding the high horse, like we're too good for this and we're took good for that. We need some H-E-L-P right now! Real help!''

Irvin's concern centers on the possible absence of receiver Amari Cooper for Sunday night's NFC East showdown between the visiting 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles and his beloved 3-3 Cowboys.

"You need Amari to get back,'' Irvin said. "Unless you want to go pick up Antonio Brown until (Cooper) gets back. What do you guys think about that?''

We informed Irvin what we think about the idea of the battered Cowboys signing street free-agent Brown, one of the most electric talents in the NFL ... except he's not presently in the NFL, the result of the behavioral and legal issues that saw him get run out of Pittsburgh, Oakland and New England, all in a matter of months.

No, Dallas isn't chasing Brown. And yes, Irvin was laughing - laughing through the figurative tears as his cherished Cowboys are wounded - when he suggested the improbable. Still, he suggested it.

"Where we find help, I don't care,'' the Hall-of-Famer Irvin told us. "I don't care about media relations or a public relations nightmare. ... Maybe, we should just go pick him up for a week or two.''