Former Cowboys Coach Says Dak Prescott Was 'Disappointed' Garrett Was Let Go

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former NFL scout and current member of the G-Bag Nation, Bryan Broaddus, delivered a bombshell of a report on 105.3 The Fan Thursday on Dak Prescott, his relationship with former head coach Jason Garrett and former quarterbacks' coach Jon Kitna.

Broaddus spoke to two former Cowboys coaches to ask about what went wrong when it came to Dak Prescott and the Cowboys struggles to score from inside the red zone in 2019.

In one of the conversations, Broaddus asked the unnamed coach why Garrett didn't trust Prescott in those situations?

"'That's news to me. I never heard that,'" the coach said, via Broaddus. "Garrett was Dak's biggest fan and supporter and he said he and Kitna were really behind him. Especially when Jerry Jones would question him and ask, 'is he our guy?'"

When looking at the stats from last season, only two teams ran the ball inside the red zone more than the Cowboys did, but according to one former coach, that had nothing to do with Garrett's confidence in Prescott.

"'I never got the feeling that Garrett didn't trust him with the play-calling,'" the coach said. When speaking to another coach about the play-calling in the red zone, that coach said that Garrett wasn't even involved in the play-calling in the red zone and that Moore was the one calling the shots in those game situations. 

The conversation then shifted towards Prescott's relationship with Garrett, and the two's admiration for each other. 

"'Garrett absolutely loved him. Dak also loved Garrett,'" the unnamed coach said, because '"Dak bumped heads with Kitna early in this thing when Kitna was trying to help him. But Garrett would come to (Dak's) his defense.'"

Broaddus went on to say that despite Prescott and Kitna initially clashing, one of the coaches he spoke to was "adamant" that Kitna "'is the real reason we saw development out of Dak Prescott'" last season.

So, with all of this being said, does Dak miss his former coach being in Dallas?

"In talking to (these coaches), Dak was disappointed that Garrett was relieved of his job."

The Cowboys elected to move on from both Garrett and Kitna this offseason and new head coach Mike McCarthy kept Moore as his offensive coordinator.