Ask the Fan hosts: Favorite swing to imitate while playing Wiffle Ball


Spring Training is here and we are excited to bring you the best coverage right here on your home of the Rangers, 105.3 The Fan. This brought up an interesting question in our clubhouse. Growing up, we all loved to replicate those unique swings of MLB players when we played Wiffle Ball. Here are some of the players we used to imitate and why.

Shan Shariff: Gary Sheffield - The nonstop movement. He had such an awesome, violent swing.

RJ Choppy: Ruben Sierra - The high leg kick. You could pull an oblique just by swinging the bat.

Troy Hughes: Julio Franco or the intimidation of Tony Batista and that wide-open stance.

Assistant Brand Manager Tim Collins: Joe Morgan - His chicken wing arm flex was awesome.

Gavin Dawson:  Willie McGee - I would slap the ball around with my dad and my brothers playing ghost runners.

Bryan Broaddus: Joe Morgan - The pump of the elbow. You wanted to see if you could do it. Sometimes you would still be pumping the elbow and the ball would be by you.

Jeff Cavanaugh: Mickey Tettleton - I tried to do it in real baseball and the coach changed it real quick.

Lucious Alexander: Julio Franco - It looked great but I never made contact.

Cory Mageors: Jay Buhner - Loved the open stance with hands down at the middle of the chest area. I got maximum power and could pull the ball.

Mike Bacsik: Julio Franco - He had such a unique swing.

Kevin Hageland: Mickey Tettleton - I like the look of not wanting to try hard but then blasting it.

Jared Sandler: Ken Griffey Jr.  - He was my favorite player and had such a fun stance to try and replicate with the wiggling of the hips and the circling of the bat.

Chris Arnold: Joe Morgan - He would flap his arm waiting for the pitch. #classic

Eric Chiofalo:  I tried and failed miserably to imitate the guy who was always my favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr. That smooth swing and bat drop to finish was always a great ending.

Mike Fisher: Rod Carew - Growing up in Minnesota, we all wanted to show that finesse that Carew had. That said, there was no kid who didn’t want to do that Joe Morgan thing with his elbow.

Will Chambers: Ryne Sandberg was always my swing but I always replicated Eric Davis. From the left side, it was Griffey.

Kevin Gray: Ken Griffey Jr was one of my baseball idols growing up. I’m left-handed and he made the game look so effortless and cool. I wanted to be just like him.

Gavin Spittle: Eric Davis - Loved having that bat in front, ripping it back and hacking away. Rod Carew and Jeff Bagwell were pretty fun to replicate as well.

Josh Clark: There are so many to pick from. I used to imitate batting stances as a little kid, but I was never able to actually try one out in a real game because all I played was a little basketball and a lot of soccer growing up. I became fascinated by the Arizona Diamondbacks when they first became a franchise in 1998 and became a big fan of Matt Williams, Louis Gonzalez and Craig Counsell. I'll go with Gonzo because of how open his stance was. It was always a joy to watch him swing the bat.

Hopefully, the guys have stirred up some of your favorite childhood memories as well.