Chris Long: 'It might've been f—ing bad' for Carson Wentz if Eagles hadn't come back against Giants


The "if" in the headline above was a very, very realistic "if."

The Eagles blew a 10-7 halftime lead — not exactly an enthralling margin considering how bad the Giants have been in 2020 and how the Eagles had played in Weeks 5 and 6 — when Wayne Gallman ran for a touchdown in the middle of the third quarter. Then there was an Eagles three-and-out, followed shortly after by a duo of mystifying goal line calls on the next possession that led to a turnover on downs, followed by another Giants score to put them up 21-10 with around six minutes left in the game.

So that "if" was as real and ominous as ever. Through three quarters, Wentz had gone 20 for 35 for 238 yards, no passing touchdowns and one interception. The Eagles had scored once on a Wentz rushing touchdown but had also endured five drives that all went for fewer than 10 total yards. And going forward, had Wentz and the Eagles been unable to muster up any sort of comeback and fall to the Giants, former Eagle Chris Long fears the worst for how the team may have responded (via "Green Light with Chris Long"):

"(If it's) a two-score game and you scored one touchdown in 55 minutes, I'm feeling like maybe tomorrow morning heads are going to roll," Long said. "I don't know, like what happens if you lose that game? Because it's unpredictable, I don't know how much leeway people have in the building, including Carson. I don't know.

"If Carson doesn't pull that out, are they forced to make a decision? I have no idea. I'm just saying it might've been f---ing bad and I thought the game was over."

You're not alone in that final sentiment, Chris — I personally didn't have much faith that this team would pull out a win considering their previous tendencies to play down to lower levels of competition. However, Long also sees the heroic comeback from Wentz as a way to get him some "much-needed confidence," especially seeing as he did so without DeSean Jackson yet again.

"All the great things Carson did today, I hope people see it," Long said, "because that was season-on-the-line stuff. I hope people can maturely make an evaluation when it comes to that game and not look backwards at the first month of the season.

"He needs to stack more good throws to erase that memory, but tonight was a better day than it was a bad day for Carson, including an absolutely heroic five-minute stretch."

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