Broaddus drops bomb on NFL's view of Joneses


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - The league once respected the Jones family and their football operations. However, it seems those times have changed.

And now, it appears some people around the league have told 105.3 the Fan's Bryan Broaddus they do not see a clear vision for the Cowboys franchise going forward..


"I've talked to people who used to trust these guys and what they were doing. Nobody trusts these guys anymore," Broaddus said on Monday afternoon. "They actually think things will get worse. They think the organization is gonna get worse. Just around the league, people are like, 'I don't know about this. You guys talk about Stephen Jones, this that and the other.' I'm sorry, Stephen if you're listening, (this is) what people think about you around the league."

Broaddus would go on to detail how the Dak Prescott contract situation has played into this view of the franchise, and where the Cowboys have gone wrong as of late.

"When you talk to people about the direction (of their team)... they've botched this thing. If you're a Cowboys fan, what are you hoping for? You're hoping that somehow, someway, that Dak (Prescott) says, 'I really don't want to be a free agent. I don't care. I want to be here.' You're hoping for that because your organization, your front office didn't get it done three years ago when you had the opportunity. We've seen other teams take advantage of these rookie contracts, and I'm not saying just on using those years, they went after it, they've been aggressive. You just let that thing evaporate without even a fifth-year option because you didn't have it because he's not a first-round player. So, you should have been even more aggressive at that point in time, and you weren't."

Watch the video above to see the entire segment from Broaddus and GBag Nation.