Danny White: Cowboys failures because of "me-first players"


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - Former Cowboys quarterback Danny White says the franchise's failures over the past several seasons are due to having too many "me-first" players and not enough team-players.

White was asked this morning on the K&C Masterpiece about the difference between the Cowboys franchise of the past, when they were known as a "premium franchise" that won Super Bowls, to present day, where the team hasn't won a title since 1996?

"In my opinion, they got too many me-first players and not enough team-first players. When I played with Gil (Brandt) and coach (Tom) Landry, there was a huge emphasis placed on effort," White said. "I think in the recent past, the Cowboys have just not had enough of that type of mentality, that mental toughness ... guys that refuse to lose. If we did lose, it was not any fun on the plane ride back from the game, or that whole week in practice, because we did not believe we were supposed to lose. And you're seeing the Cowboys make some moves now that I applaud. They should have been made probably weeks ago to get those guys that are me-first players out of the locker room. Because that becomes a cancer."

White went on to say that he believes that "the really good players were being affected by the me-first players" on this season's team and that the Cowboys are headed in the right direction after making some moves this week.

Dallas traded defensive end Everson Griffen on Tuesday, and released defensive tackle Dontari Poe and cornerback Daryl Worley on Wednesday. Coach Mike McCarthy said the moves were based on performance and to give younger players more opportunities.

All three players played key roles into helping turn the Cowboys defense into the worst unit in the NFL.

Owner Jerry Jones didn't hold back in his criticism of Poe, saying he was 30 pounds overweight and didn't do anything about it.