Former quarterbacks disagree over key Dak Prescott play


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott came under heavy fire after he threw his 16th and 17th interceptions of the season in Sunday's 19-12 Divisional Round playoff loss to the 49ers. But there was one play in particular that Prescott received a lot of criticism for that didn't result in an interception.

The play in question came in the third quarter with the scored tied at 9-9. Prescott had just connected with CeeDee Lamb on a deep shot for a 46-yard gain to put Dallas in San Francisco territory. Two plays later, the Cowboys had a 3rd and 5 on the 49er's 40-yard line.

Prescott dropped back to throw and had a free 49ers' rusher coming straight for him. He took a deep shot down field but the ball was well short of his intended target, CeeDee Lamb.

Although Lamb appeared to have the jump on linebacker Fred Warner and likely would have scored had Prescott had the time to deliver a better ball. However, many on social media pointed out that Prescot had an even better option to throw to on the play.

Replays appeared to show Cowboys wide receiver TY Hilton sprinting wide open up the seam for what would have been an easy walk-in touchdown. The Cowboys would ultimately take a delay of game penalty and punted it back to the 49ers.

The play had two former NFL quarterbacks disagreeing on Twitter over whether or not Prescott screwed up.

The first: noted Prescott hater Dan Orlovsky, who criticized Prescott for not targeting Hilton.

"One play encapsulates everything. What could have been. ... That is a wide-open touchdown. That would walk in," Orlovsky said on ESPN's 'Get Up.'

"The reality is this. I've talked about it all year with Dak. That play embodies everything. How did we not see that? Why did you not throw that football? And what made you force it to CeeDee Lamb? That's a touchdown. And we're having a very different conversation today if he throws it to TY Hilton."

However, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner disagreed with Orlovsky's take on the play and defended the Cowboys' quarterback decision-making in response to the ESPN analyst on Twitter.

"Dan you know I love you & your work… but no way you do that with protection! So now it becomes beating the free rusher with throw to TY which is doable BUT tough!!"

Orlovsky responded to Warner's take, and the Hall of Famer followed up later by posting a video explaining his defense of Prescott.

Something we can all agree on is that Prescott had a poor performance on Sunday, and he took ownership of it after the game. Read more below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)