Committee spokesperson: Dan Snyder 'has something to hide and is afraid of coming clean'


Dan Snyder’s attorneys responded to the Oversight Committee by Monday morning’s deadline, and reiterated their concerns and reinforced their stance that the Commanders owner will not be able to testify, even virtually, at Wednesday’s hearing because of business conflicts.

A spokesperson from the Oversight Committee responded to that letter with a statement via The Athletic’s Ben Standig, and the wording was certainly strong.

“His refusal to testify sends an unmistakable signal that Mr. Snyder has something to hide and is afraid of coming clean to the American public and addressing major worker protection concerns facing the NFL,” the statement read.

Snyder’s attorney has maintained that the committee’s refusal to change the date of the hearing is “disregarding due process rights,” and have continued to express concerns about seeing documents that will be used in the hearing. With the hearing just days away, it’s becoming clear that Snyder will not be making an appearance, in person or virtually.

“If Mr. Snyder was truly committed to cooperating with the Committee’s investigation, he would have accepted the Committee’s invitation to testify about the Commanders’ toxic workplace culture,” the statement via The Athletic read. “As the Chairwoman’s letter made clear, the Committee has been more than accommodating - even allowing Mr. Snyder to testify remotely from France.”