Tiger Woods was found unconscious in wrecked SUV by local man, per court documents


New details emerged about the Tiger Woods crash that shook the sports world nearly two weeks ago.

According to authorities in court documents publicized on Friday, a local man, who lives near the crash site, found Tiger Woods unconscious in his SUV at the scene of the accident.

The man told deputies that Woods was unresponsive to his questions.

Previously, the Los Angeles County police officer who found Woods said that the legendary golfer was conscious and responsive when he arrived at the scene.

Woods told deputies at the scene, and at the hospital, that he did not know how the car crashed and did not remember driving.

The new information came amid a statement from Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy Johann Schloegl requesting a search warrant be approved for the SUV’s data record, or black box, for further information on how the crash occurred, per The Associated Press.

It has yet to be announced what has been discovered in the recorder.

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