These are the names the Washington Football Team wants feedback on


The Washington Football Team is requesting feedback from its fans about prospective names as the organization continues its search for a new identity.

Washington emailed season ticket holders on Wednesday, presenting them with a list of names and soliciting them to "select your two most preferred names."

"These names are being considered by the The Washington Football Team but are not final and do not represent the complete list of names (sic)," it specifies.

Below is the full list of names being reported:

The Washington Griffins, The Washington Warriors, The Washington Armada, The Washington Rising, The Washington Swifts, The Washington Commanders, The Washington Pilots, The Washington Rubies, The Washington Renegades, Washington DC Football Club (DCFC)

The Washington Monarchs, The Washington Presidents, The Washington Wild Hogs, The Washington Riders, Washington Capital City Football Club (CCFC), The Washington Redwolves, The Washington Aviators, The Washington Wayfarers, The Washington Ambassadors

Aces, First City Football Club (FCFC), Archers, Beacons, Belters, Redtails, Razorbacks, Defenders, Football Team

In a letter attached to the survey, Washington team president Jason Wright explains the survey is just a part of the organization's comprehensive search, which also includes feedback from focus groups, stakeholder interviews and large-scale surveys.

"Each of you will be shown a small selection from a broader pool of brainstormed names that we’re getting early feedback on," writes Wright. "Please note, this is not a vote for the name, but instead an opportunity to capture insights and perspective that will be so important to this next phase of our rebrand journey."

Wright has previously said Washington's burgundy and gold color scheme is here to stay and fans shouldn't expect the new name to be revealed until after the 2021 season. Keeping the Washington Football Team moniker is also an option he's mentioned.

Social media reaction to these names has been wide-ranging, but some think many of the options presented are deliberately terrible, as a way of making a few of them seem more appealing.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images