NFL teams go Hollywood with schedule release videos

By , 95.7 The Game

NFL schedule release videos have become a social media spectacle over the years. Thursday night was no different.

Football fans are starved for content this time of year and franchises are finding new ways to one-up each other. The days of simply releasing a list or a fancy graphic are long gone. The way some of the schedule release videos end up these days, they seem like quasi-Hollywood productions with serious budgets.

While many teams had some fun or went completely out of the box with their 2022 release videos Thursday, the 49ers played it cool and shared theirs with a video closer to the intros for TV shows like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘True Detective’.

The whole thing is really dark and ominous, between the music and moody tones. Subtlety is also a trait of these NFL schedule release videos, but you have to do know your U.S. skylines to know these opponents within the few seconds they’re on the screen. It’s a beautiful video, but I feel like I’m 'bout to see a murder mystery on Netflix by the time the saloon font 49ers logo pops up.

My favorite video has to be from the Los Angeles Chargers, which is a full-on anime trailer with its own soundtrack and everything. Bravo. This thing looks like it took months to put together. It already racked up more than 800,000 views in the first 90 minutes it was on Twitter.

The Carolina Panthers also made a very cool 1990s POV throwback video that anyone with dial-up internet back in the day would enjoy.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Rams also went full Hollywood with their schedule release video, making a faux trailer for a heist movie.

In the end, none of this stuff matters, a list on a website should do just fine. But it’s still cool to see the creative lengths teams go to connect with their fans in the digital age, when social media continues to play a huge role in franchise branding.

The 49ers video was a little too stoic and serious for my tastes, but expect the franchise to lean into that saloon/western vibe this season with its marketing.

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