Keyshawn Johnson on Odell-Brady double standard: 'Let's call it what it is'


Keyshawn Johnson knows a thing or two about being the outspoken, fiery wide receiver, and says that Odell Beckham Jr. has a point.

The Cleveland Browns star recently lamented that he is no longer trying to play the “good guy” for the media and that it seems unfair that he is criticized for his emotions on the sideline when there is a player who “has rings and is considered the GOAT” who does the same thing, referring to Tom Brady.

Johnson threw his full support behind Beckham during his radio show on Thursday morning, saying it’s time to “call it what it is.”

“What happens in the media, you look at a guy with a personality, the hair, the position he plays, and then you turn and you take the historically white quarterback, who is supposed to be the leader, the guy,” he said. “You got the brash receiver going off on the sideline, you shape it and be its own narrative. This isn’t just OBJ. It has been going on for years. Let’s call it what it is.

“Tom Brady can scream and holler and it’s passion. … They give you all those different levels to try to explain his behavior on the sideline, but they don’t give you one or two about OBJ. I understand exactly what he’s saying.”

It is not the first time Beckham has likened his antics to Brady. In 2017, Beckham posted an Instagram video mashed of his fiery sideline behavior mashed up with Brady’s.

Johnson ultimately said that Beckham just cannot pay attention to how people perceive him.

“My advice to him is don’t pay attention to those people,” he said. “Just keep doing you. Play football, help your team win, and if you have to vent your frustration on the sideline so be it. Don’t get caught up in the media, don’t get caught up in the fans, get caught up in trying to win your team games. That’s it.”

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