Russell Wilson has a fix for NFL overtime … and it’s pretty out there


While Ciara was in New York repping her husband with a Seahawks-inspired dress at the Met Gala, Russell Wilson dropped by for the end of Monday night’s “Manning Cast” on ESPN2, watching as Derek Carr’s Raiders stunned Baltimore in an overtime thriller. Speaking of bonus football, Wilson wants to overhaul the NFL’s overtime rules, lamenting the current format as “terrible.” The longtime Seahawks quarterback shared an interesting proposal during his appearance with the Manning siblings (this was post-fire alarm), suggesting the NFL scrap ties, instead having games determined by a sudden death field goal at the end of overtime.

Wilson’s idea, if implemented, wouldn’t come into play very often—we’ve seen just nine ties in the last decade and only 26 since the NFL first introduced overtime in 1974. Regardless, fans didn’t see it as much of a solution, though many enjoyed seeing a different side of Wilson, who rarely speaks with the candor he showed with Peyton and Eli Monday night.