Tyreek Hill says he's been receiving death threats after Mahomes/Tua comment

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Tyreek Hill kicked off the first episode of his podcast with a huge bang, comparing his former quarterback Patrick Mahomes to his new quarterback in Miami, Tua Tagovailoa. The comment that caused such a stir was when Hill said Tua is a more "accurate passer" out of the two.

The wild comparison — with Mahomes being a Super Bowl champ and a league MVP in just four seasons and Tagovailoa still struggling to find his footing in the NFL -- Hill's comments caused a stir of negative reactions from the sports media, including death threats via social media.

“Every social media account I own, I got death threats on,” Hill said on his podcast Tuesday. "I just feel like a lot of people overreacted for no reason. They really didn’t see what I said. A lot of people are just acting off emotion.”

In the episode where the comment was made, Hill was asked by co-host Julius Collins which of the two had the stronger arm. While the former Chiefs receiver said Mahomes certainly has the edge in terms of arm strength, he then noted that he finds Tagovailoa to be more accurate after an offseason of working with him in organized team activities and minicamp.

Here were the comments Hill said in the first episode of his podcast, It Needed To Be Said:

“Obviously, like I’m going to go with one-five as the strongest arm. But as far as accuracy-wise, I’m going with Tua all day. … I love the deep ball, but guess what though? I done expanded my game, so now I’m doing a lot more than just the deep ball now. I’m doing intermediate routes, I’m doing short routes, so now I actually need a guy who can just get me the ball now on a dagger route, on a corner route, on a shallow cross route -- you know, right now, right in my chest, so now I can do the rest.”

While it's rather laughable that Hill would compare Tua to a quarterback of Mahomes status, Hill clarified his statement by saying he's taking nothing away from Mahomes and his skill set but admits to using his comment to help build some confidence with his new quarterback.

“We all know Patrick Mahomes is great. We know that. We know that. But right now, I’m going into a new season with a new quarterback who’s trying to head in the same direction as Patrick and do great things and lead this team to a Super Bowl championship who’s also great, in my opinion. He just doesn’t have the accolades of yet. I believe in him.”

Although Hill didn't provide any receipts of any death threats, we're just going to have to take his word for it.

When addressing reporters at mandatory minicamps last week, Mahomes was asked what his thoughts were on Hill's comments, admitting he was “surprised” by Hill’s criticism but admits he probably used it to promote his podcast.

“I'm surprised a little just because I feel like we love Tyreek here,” said Mahomes, who shared a locker room with Hill for five seasons, winning a Super Bowl together in 2019. "We've always loved him. We still love him.”

When asked if he will reach out to Mahomes, he said he won't, especially after the two recently saw each other at the F1 Miami Grand Prix at Hard Rock Stadium in early May.

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