385S to Woodruff Road Changes

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Upstate drivers need to expect a new temporary traffic pattern at the Woodruff Road exit on I-385 Southbound starting this Sunday, March 24.  It's all part of the 85-385 Gateway construction project.

Starting Sunday morning: 
  • The auxiliary lane between the on-ramp from I-85 Southbound and the off-ramp to the I-385 Southbound Collector/Distributor lane will be eliminated. The on-ramp from I-85 Southbound will be placed directly to a merge condition. 
  • The left lane of the I-385 Southbound collector/distributor will be eliminated. The collector/distributor will become a single auxiliary lane between the on-ramp from I-85 Northbound and the off-ramp to Woodruff Road.
  • A 720-foot "weave condition" will be created between accelerating I-85 Northbound traffic seeking I-385 Southbound and decelerating I-385 Southbound traffic seeking Woodruff Road.
  • The Woodruff Road exit will be moved about 400 feet north of its current location.  That means that drivers wanting to exit onto Woodruff Road will get to the exit sooner than they do right now.

Please use extra caution through this area.