Gateway: What's Done, What's Not

85-385 Gateway Project construction
Photo credit Image: SCDOT

We’re three years into the 85/385 Gateway Project and construction officials say they are starting their “finishing kick.” 

There’s plenty of work that still needs to be completed, but officials overseeing the massive Gateway Project say it is really taking shape.  Many of the final alignments are in place.  Here's the lists of what was completed this past winter and what still needs to be done.  

First Quarter (Jan-Feb-Mar) 2019 highlights:

  • Opened new 85 NB collector-distributor lanes.
  • New overhead signage installed.
  • Opened the new entrance ramp to I-85 NB from Woodruff Road.
  • Drainage and widening work on Woodruff, Miller, and Garlington roads.
  • Opened new portions of I-385 SB lanes between I-85 and Butler Road.
  • Setting of girders for the ramp from I-85 SB to I-385 SB.
  • Worked on new I-385 NB Bridge over I-85.
  • Completion of bridge for the ramp from I-385 SB to Woodruff Road.
  • Finished various walls throughout the project.
  • Completed clearing and began widening in the I-85 Corridor from Muddy Ford to Pelham Road.
  • Continued drainage, grading and paving throughout the project.

Here is what is expected to be done in the Second Quarter (Apr-May-Jun) of 2019: 

  • Completing the second half of the I- 385 bridge over I-85
  • Switching traffic off I-385 NB traffic onto new I-385 bridge over I-85
  • Continuing construction of I-385 SB Bridge over Garlington Road
  • Construction will continue on Woodruff, Garlington, and Miller roads
  • Phasing of construction of I-85 NB ramp at Pelham Road
  • Drainage, grading and paving will be worked on throughout the project
  • Completing  MSE walls for the I-85 SB Ramp to I-385 SB
  •  Completing  wall and drainage work in median of I-85
  • Continuing re-surfacing of I-85 mainline

Construction began in February of 2016 and is expected to continue until the fall of 2020.  You can follow updates on construction on their website.  The Gateway Facebook page and Twitter feed also provides traffic and detour updates.