Greenville Budget Debate

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With Greenville’s population growing so rapidly, the county council faces tough decisions on the budget.

In just the past decade, the number of people living in Greenville County has risen by a staggering 71,000 individuals.

That brings the total population up to almost 523,000. 

And perhaps no one is more aware of this growth – or at least no one should be more aware –  than Greenville County council members.

In one month, the twelve members will have to vote on a two-year spending budget, which will fund all county project up to July of 2021.

The major factors at play are what gets money allocated toward it and what does not.

At a two-day team-building retreat councilmembers held last week to discuss this matter, they listed off priorities, which included improving traffic in congested roadways, adding to public transit, and adding more industrial sites in order to create more job growth.

Still, as council chairman Butch Kirvin said, “Your aspirations always exceed your capability.”