Local Bar Makes National List

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Photo credit Nathan Gray

“Come for the views, stay for the food.”

So begins a profile of Up on the Roof recently published on the Food Network’s list of the best rooftop bars in the country.

The bar made the cut along with bars in Nashville, Las Vegas, New York City, Atlanta, and Denver, just to name a few of the cities featured.

Here in Greenville, of course, we’re no strangers to being featured on national best-of lists. Best place for millennials, best place for buying a house, best place for owning a dog, best place for being a millennial who buys their dog a house – you name it.

But with Up on the Roof being featured, it adds yet another layer to Greenville’s growing reputation as a food and cultural hub in South Carolina.

Now only we could be on the list for fewest potholes and least amount of traffic, then we’d be all set.