New Name for Woodruff Rd Bypass

Woodruff Road bypass at Verdae Blvd

Just about everyone who uses Woodruff Road is excited about the new by-pass that should be opening this summer and will hopefully help some of the traffic issues.  But, not everyone is excited about the roadway's name. 

It was originally called the "PNG Connector" since the non-developed road was used by Piedmont Natural Gas for its trucks to access one of their sites.  Then it was simply refered to as the "Woodruff Road Bypass."  Then, the name "Connector Parkway" was floated.

A roundabout along Connection ParkwayImage: City of Greenville
City planners had some 300 potential names to go through, but in the end, in a 4 to 2 decision, County Commissioners agreed on "Parallel Parkway."  Since there will be no addresses along the road, no development is planned, it actually should be easier to change the name of the road if needed in the future.  For now, they needed an official name so they could order street signs before the bypass opens.

The road, which will connect Verdae Boulevard with Woodruff Industrial Lane, will have 3 roundabouts instead of traffic lights in order to slow down traffic. It is also being developed with a 10 foot wide path for pedestrians and bicyclists that will connect to the Swamp Rabbit Trail.