Gvl. County Absentee Ballot Mailings Delays

absentee voting
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The Greenville County Voter Registration and Elections office announced delays on the mailing of absentee mailing.

Director Conway Belangia said the office became aware of the delays for the absentee ballots forthe Democratic Presidential Preference Primary last Friday the 21st.

Belangia said this happened because the mailing company, Seachange Election Services "failed to mail ballots in a proper tiem frame."

The company said some of the ballots may make it out in time, but those who do not receive their absentee ballot should visit their polling location to cast their vote.

And if that is not possible, Belangia said the office will help those individuals. Questions can be directed to the Greenville County Voter Registration and Election office, absentee section, at (864) 232-7264.

The Democratic Party also said that it would be willing to provide transportation to voters who call their office.