Retire Where?

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Depending on your age, retirement may cross your mind from time to time… and with 23 percent of Americans reporting they are “very confident” they will have enough money, WalletHub’s timing is perfect releasing a study… the best and worst places to retire, in the United States. 

The personal finance website looked at affordability, quality of life, health care in cities.     

Columbia ranked 29th out of 180 cities polled.  Charleston made the top 5! 

The worst place they found to retire in, Stockton, CA.  Newark NJ made the top 10 worst, which is about right because it’s also one of the worst cities to drive in.

The best city to retire to according to WalletHub, is Orlando FL.  (Coincidentally, Orlando was recently named the second best city to drive in.)  Maybe  because of the health care aspect, but actually, St. Louis has the most home health care facilities per 100 thousand people.  

I think, it’s because Orlando is home to the happiest place on earth.

Click here for the complete survey results from WalletHub.

Top 5 Best Cities:

1. Orlando, FL

2. Tampa, FL

3. Scottsdale, AZ

4. Charleston, SC

5. Miami, FL

Top 5 Worst Cities:

182. Stockton, CA

181. Bridgeport, CT

180. Warwick, RI

179. San Bernardino, CA

178. Bakersfield, CA