Today's Taco: Papi's Tacos

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In honor of this year’s upcoming Tacos and Tequila festival, which is this Sunday, April 7, we’re going around tasting the best tacos Greenville has to offer.

First up, we’ve got Papi’s Tacos, located right in the heart of downtown off the Reedy River.

Often describes as a “food truck without wheels,” Papi’s rocks all the classic you would expect from Mexican taco stand. The menu is pretty simple, with your choice of tacos, tortas, salads and dips – all made using family recipes from the real life Papi and his family.

Your best bet if you want to try out Papi’s is their chicken barbacoa taco, pictures here, which comes with shredded chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, crema and queso piled up in a fresh and warm corn tortilla. Papi’s has a variety of salsas free to grab as well, including habanero, avocado, red salsa, mild salsa, and others.  

All tacos are $3, or three for $8.25, although stop in on Tuesdays and tacos go for two bucks each as a part of a “Taco Tuesdays” deal.

If you’re looking for an authentic-tasting Mexican taco right down the street, Papi’s is a good bet.