Do you plan to stock up on groceries with possible winter weather coming?

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Do you plan on stocking up on groceries with possible winter weather coming?
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As the weekend approaches , the forecast of winter weather has drawn more severe and seemingly more imminent. Meteorologists are calling for snow accumulations Sunday for the Upstate and surrounding areas. I am an Upstate native, living back here again but I spent the last two winters working in Des Moines, Iowa. I saw my share of snow storms in Iowa over the course of my time there and saw the contrast in how people act towards them. Even with the equipment to handle winter in the Midwest, there were times snow storms dropped a foot or more in Iowa in one day. I recall in early 2020, being snowed in from Friday until Sunday and having to shovel my way out to get to work. Here in South Carolina, snow is a lot less common of an occurrence. Growing up here and still to do this day, people in the Upstate seem to always stock up at the grocery store when snow is being forecasted. That's not something people in the Midwest really do, given the frequency of snow that happens. So my question today is, are you stocking up on groceries prior to the possible snow on Sunday? Let us know below.

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