Is the State House Freedom Caucus a good thing?

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Freedom Caucus
South Carolina State House Floor Photo credit USATI

Republicans in the State House say they are looking to repair relationships that have been frayed by the House's Freedom Caucus during the primaries. Several incumbents faced hard charges in this year's cycle. Lawmakers say they are concerned because some of the fights were fed by the party's more conservative members targeting others within the same party. Multiple longtime Republican House members lost in the primaries after being accused of not voting conservatively enough on certain issues. The House Freedom Caucus is a newly formed group of conservative lawmakers and is said to have played a major role. Upstate Republican West Cox who is the State Representative for the Piedmont area told the Post and Courier " It seems to me that the Freedom Caucus launched and their sole purpose was to take out incumbents and work against incumbents". Republican House leaders are looking at possible changes to stop the current trend prior to the 2023 legislative session. So the question for today, is the State House Freedom Caucus a good thing for the Republican party ? Let us know, below.

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