Snowfall accumulation "imminent" for this weekend

The Tara Show Friday featured the latest weather update from Meteorologist Michael Carrow
Accumulated snowfall "imminent" for Upstate this weekend
Accu-Weather graphic shows storm's projected movement Photo credit Accu-Weather

Pending Winter weather is seemingly imminent for the Upstate this weekend. Weatherology Meteorologist Michael Carrow was a guest on Friday's episode of the Tara Show on 106.3 WORD. During Carrow's appearance, he and Tara talked snowfall accumulation, travel hazards and what Monday is expected to look like following Sunday's expected snowfall. The entire conversation is below. Further below is a graphic courtesy of Accu-Weather, showing the path of the winter storm.

Accumulated Snowfall expected
SCDOT has started winter weather operations on Upstate highways Photo credit Lee Rogers