The Tara Show: CDC's censorship oversteps are partly to blame for rampant inflation

Naomi Wolf
Author Naomi Wolf was booted from Twitter for posting what was deemed "COVID vaccine misinformation" Photo credit Getty Images | Robin Marchant/Stringer

"They destroyed the economy through censorship."

That's the explosive claim conservative host Tara Servatius made on The Tara Show when discussing how social media suspensions and bans were doled out when it came to posting what was deemed "COVID misinformation."

In particular, Servatius was referencing the lack of public debate that was allowed when the country went on lockdown in 2020 to try and stem the spread of the coronavirus.

"We are broke because Deborah Birks admitted a few weeks ago, 'You know what? I made up the whole thing about the need to lock down,'" Servatius said. "'The two weeks to stop the spread - that was never science,'" she quoted, attributing the information to Birks's own book.

Servatius said Birks was looking to buy some time to study the disease, but that the two weeks stretched on to much longer restrictions - a year and more.

"And why did that happen? Because we weren't allowed to debate this," she reasoned, theorizing that the CDC got what they wanted any time they asked Big Tech to censor a dissenting voice on social media.

You can hear more of her thoughts on social media censorship in the link above.