Why is there no effort to find COVID's origin?

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Where did COVID-19 come from? And why is the answer so important?

Jim Geraghty of the National Review joined Newell Normand on WWL Radio to try and answer both of those questions Tuesday.

As far as determining the point of origin for the coronavirus that has swept across the planet, Geraghty noted that in 2019, only three places in the entire world were doing the type of “gain of function” research that could have created COVID-19 – research that involves making a novel coronavirus more contagious to learn more about what might happen if the virus were to mutate for real.

Two of those facilities were in the U.S. – one in North Carolina and one in Texas. The other was in Wuhan, China, where the first COVID-19 cases were reported.

“The odds that spontaneously this different novel coronavirus… just happens to manifest outside one of these three places doing this kind of research just seems like an extremely implausible scenario,” Geraghty said. “Again, we don’t have a smoking gun, but the circumstantial evidence keeps piling up higher.”

Geraghty said that he believes that because the evidence continues to suggest that not only did the virus escape from a Wuhan lab but that China knew about it, then that in turn makes China culpable for the early lag in trying to rein in and study COVID-19.