Should people who had COVID get both vaccine doses?

By , KCBS Radio

There has been growing discussion over how to administer the vaccine to the most people in the most efficient way.

Some recent studies suggest that for people who have already had COVID-19, a single dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine may provide them with adequate protection.

“There’s mixed views on that,” said Dr. Norman Baylor, President and CEO of Biologics Consulting. “The data are not complete.”

Dr. Baylor says more study should be done before policy changes are made that could impact people’s health in unforeseen ways.

“Hypothetically, it should work. But you know, you can’t base medicine on should, you have to have data.”

Scientists also say it is still unknown how long people retain their immunity after recovering from COVID-19, but the vaccine almost certainly provides better and longer lasting protection.

“The other thing is the severity of the positive, does that have an impact? Because we know there are individuals who are asymptomatic, they have very little outward disease, they have no symptoms,” said Dr. Baylor.

“So what is the immune response that their body has had to this virus and is that any different from say, somebody who’s had a full blown moderate to severe disease? So the verdict is still pending on that.”

Dr. Baylor says more studies need to be done to understand how people who have already been infected interact with the vaccine.

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