May is Motorcycle Safety month

SCHP has tips for bikers and drivers
Motorcycle on the rural road - File Photo
Motorcycle on the rural road - File Photo Photo credit DTatiana8 iStock / Getty Images Plus

May is Motorcycle Safety Month and Corporal Joe Hovis with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says this year has gotten off to a bad start with regard to biker fatalities.

"Compared to last year at this time we are up about 11 more motorcycle fatalities and that's about a 39% increase."

Hovis had some advice for those us on four wheels.

"We're just wanting everyone to make sure that they are concsiouss of the fact there are motorcycles out on the highway and be looking for them.  And at the same time, make sure that the persons on the motorcycles are doing the same thing."

And Hovis asked motorcylcist to take some precautions as well.

"As far as the motorcycle rider there's some things they can do. Number one they should have a pre-trip inspection of their motorcycle every time they ride. Make sure you wear a helmet, it's not a law, but it's always a good idea to keep a helmet on."

According to there were just over 116,000 registered motorcycles in 2019 in South Carolina.