SCAG announces indictments in large scale drug trafficking case

Photo credit Lee Rogers

A state investigation has resulted in the indictment of several Mexican drug cartel associates. On Thursday, South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced the indictments in a case known as "Los Senoritas". The investigation entails over 170 charges against 43 different defendants

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The investigation was titled "Los Senoritas" because several of the top targets are women, who have allegedly fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. Those defendants are believed to be living South of the border among the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The indictments reveal the group is charged with trafficking meth in various Upstate counties. Wilson says the "Senoritas" coordinated the operation with South Carolina prison inmates through contraband cell phones. Law Enforcement officials say, over 250 Kilos worth around 800 grand and 30 guns have been seized in the investigation, thus far.

Two of the main inmates accused in the indictments Darrell and Matthew McCoy face the possibility of life without parole on top of their current sentences.

Attorney General Wilson said " “It might surprise people that cartel drug trafficking happens in South Carolina, but it does and we’re fighting to stop it,” By working with our partners at SLED and local agencies, we’re able to investigate and prosecute complex trafficking conspiracies like this one and defend the rule of law."

In all, 32 of the 43 indicted defendants have been arrested.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Lee Rogers