'Fatale,' 'Barbershop' actor Michael Ealy jokes he's never had a one night stand

Michael Ealy stars in the Lionsgate film “Fatale” alongside Hilary Swank, a movie that has been described as a modern-day “Fatal Attraction” meets “Gone Girl.”

In a conversation with WOGL’s Glenn Kalina, Ealy revealed that he relates in many ways to the character he plays on screen, except in one regard. In the film, Ealy’s character has a one night stand with Swank’s character. “One night stand? I’ve never,” Ealy joked.

“Off camera, I have never done that,” he continued with a chuckle.

Ealy swiftly moved on from the topic, beginning to speak on his experiences in film and TV shows. When asked if he prefers to star in TV shows or films, Ealy revealed that they’re both great for different reasons.

“I actually love them both for different reasons. I love television because it’s faster to make, and it’s a bigger canvas…but I love movies because you kind of go into the project knowing the whole story, and so you can really be very specific about what you’re going to do,” he said.

Ealy then opened up on how he got into acting in the first place, noting that it all started in college for him.

“I was in college at the University of Maryland and some buddies of mine were making a movie, and they made me audition for it and everything… at the time it was the thing I loved to do the most,” he shared.

Arguably most notably, Ealy appeared in the classic film “Barbershop” as barber Ricky Nash. Ealy highlights some of his best memories from creating the film.

“It feels like yesterday, but that movie was beyond fun,” he said. “What a lot of people don’t understand is how fun the rehearsal was. Like a lot of the gems of that movie came out in rehearsal.”

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