Alicia Keys explains why she kicked her addiction to makeup

How the singer's approach to vanity started a social media revolution
Alicia Keys
Photo credit Rich Fury/Getty Images for MTV

Alicia Keys is encouraging followers and fans to adopt a #NoMakeup lifestyle which she says put “limitations” on her self-confidence and inner beauty.

“Make-up was a big thing for me; I had been wearing it since I was, like, 16 years old,” the singer told Glamour UK in a recent cover story. “Having to constantly be in this crazy cycle of putting on make-up to cover the bumps and scars and then because I had make-up on under the hot lights, there were more bumps and scars. I felt like I had to hide everything and I felt really self-conscious.”

“And I realized I became addicted to it; I didn’t feel comfortable without it.”

Since 2016, Keys has advocated for women to ditch the cover up and live openly with their natural features. The #NoMakeup campaign has been fueled by users posting #nomakeup selfies and talking more openly about ditching the vanity practice for a more open approach to public life.

In that same Glamour UK interview, Keys also spoke about juggling family life during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been a juggling act of career and parenthood for the skilled pianist. “It was definitely a tricky experience figuring out how to work home-schooling, career, life and personal stuff,” she revealed. “I mean, being a mom is being a teacher, but it’s a very tricky balance with home-schooling, because often they’d be like ‘You’re so mean, Mom!’”

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Alicia’s multi-tasking ability helped when she released her latest album ALICIA, this September. She recently revealed to RADIO.COM’s Big Tigger a very emotional writing process while recording her latest work. “You know you have your personality that you put forth the most, but then there’s all these different other sides of you that maybe you don’t know as well, or you don’t take as much time to get into,” she revealed.

“I feel so good, I just feel like in my zone, in my element, I feel just like great."

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