Offset Shares Why He Voted for the First Time

'I just voted my first time, 28 years old'

Offset exercised his right to vote for the very first time and wants you to know how it makes him feel.

Tuesday, as the primary elections took place across Georgia, the Migos rapper revealed to his 16.6 millions fans on Instagram that he just hit the polls for the first time ever.

In the clip, Offset, standing right outside the polling location, said "I just voted my first time, 28 years old."

“I’m feeling good, I’m feeling proud. I’m trying to make a difference.”

Offset gave a shout out to his home state of Georgia, expressing his feelings on the first time experience, captioned with a message rallying others to join in the action. Noting that he had previously been unable to vote due to his prior convictions.

“My first time ever voting because I wasn’t allowed! I overcame this obstacle and decided to make a real difference !!!! Everybody please go vote today (LAST DAY)!!!”

He continued on to encourage his fans to follow his lead and “come hit the polls up.” Adding, “everybody been going through the same pain,” he said. “We can face it and make a change.”

Offset’s new found political voice doesn’t come as much of a shock, given the fact that his wifey, Cardi B, has been quite vocal about using the power of voting to compel change.

While Offset’s excitement of his experience was just, many Georgia residents were upset by voting issues, glitching machines and long lines at polling stations, predominantly in minority locations.

Despite these issues, quite a few Atlanta based rappers hit the polls on Tuesday. Both T.I. and Jeezy showed up to cast their vote. Jeezy even shared an image of his “I’m a Georgia Voter” peach sticker on Instagram. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can…” he captioned the image.

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