Starbucks barista writes flirtatious 'secret message' on customer's cup

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One Starbucks barista amused the internet with a creative new way to get someone’s attention: a secret message.

In a hilarious new TikTok video, Ashley Wilkins revealed the message her barista let on her coffee cup, and people can't decide whether it was courageous or creepy.

The Starbucks barista, who Wilkins is calling “Starbucks Steve,” wrote the phrase ‘secret message’ and included an arrow pointing to the bottom of the cup.

The barista had then crossed out words from the warning label at the bottom of every hot Starbucks cup that normally reads, “Caution, the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot.” Instead, he edited the phrase to read: "'careful’ ‘you’re’ ‘extremely’ ‘hot.’"

The TikTok video quickly gained 1.5 million views, over 181,000 likes, and almost 5,000 shares since being posted.

Reactions to Starbuck Steve's witty pick-up line has been met with mixed reviews.

One person commented, “What a legend he deserves a date.” Another person simply said, “Starbucks Steve is smooooooth.”

Other people have been less impressed by the barista’s efforts.

Fans of the video were quick to point out that Starbucks Steve spelled the word ‘secret’ wrong and accidentally added an extra ‘E,’ spelling ‘secrete’ instead.

Some TikTok users came to Steve’s defense saying that maybe he was trying to spell it in French.

The new TikTok star revealed in the comments that she is actually married and that her husband was at Starbucks with her when she got the secret message.

Wilkins has not yet given an update on whether she started a new friendship with the barista.

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