Dr. Fauci is getting his own action figure

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Coronavirus is nothing to play around with. But how about a Fauci toy?

Fans of the nation's leading infectious disease expert are in luck, as new Dr. Anthony Fauci action figures will be available soon, reports CNN.

The product comes from the Brooklyn-based product design company FCTRY, which has also made replicas of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other political figures.

The company raised funds for the project on Kickstarter, surpassing its original goal of $15,000 and going on to raise a whopping $226,000 (at the time of publication) to produce the toys.

The Fauci figurine will include a white lab coat, stethoscope, glasses, and a mini-COVID 19 mask.

FCTRY is also releasing an action figure of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Pelosi item comes in two options — one in which she's wearing a pink dress with match face mask, and the other where she dons a blue dress. Both models include her speaker's gavel and accessories.

"These are imperfect times but still they could be worse," FCTRY wrote on its Kickstarter page. "Imagine a parallel universe where everything else is exactly the same, except there is no Nancy Pelosi to act as a check on power. Kind of terrifying, right? Pelosi has basically been leading the Resistance these last few years...We should probably thank her."

The action figures will cost $20 each.

On the Kickstarter, the company explained that some delays may occur in ordering.

"Supply chains are definitely moving slower than usual. We've done our best to bake those delays into our promised delivery dates but it's possible that factors beyond our control will throw our timetables off," they wrote.

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