Watch Rihanna twerking her way to Valentine's Day

‘Cupid could NEVA!’
Photo credit Getty Images

No one does like Rihanna, NO ONE! And with Valentine’s Day coming up, our favorite bad gal decided to tease with a taste, and as always, left us wanting more.

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Rocking another meshy lingerie look from her latest Savage X Fenty collection. Riri, continued promoting the newly released drop and #ValentinesDayCountdown by sharing another video on Instagram.

Opting for an all black look this time, while playfully taunting, twerking, and absolutely nothing casual about it, Ri slayed us, brought us back to life and slayed us once more. Boo! Now we’re a ghost.

Also, as if it wasn’t enough to leave the internet drooling and breathless, the beauty from Barbados reminded us why she’s that B… well, you know what, by captioning her titillating clip with "Cupid could NEVA!”

Oh and in other news, don’t worry, the mullet is back and very much thriving. How could it not be? Miley Cyrus has one, Rihanna randomly rocks one, as she is currently. Which in itself is plenty of reason to officially resuscitate the second most hated haircut to the bowl-cut.

Honestly though, if we’re keeping it 100, Rihanna can do no wrong, even with a bowl-cut we’d we’d still be unworthy of her, and you know it. Okay, now back to watching it for the 100th time. What? Like you haven’t?

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